Great Coffee

Great Coffee’ is one of the best renowned coffee shops in Aarhus - heck, in all of Denmark! Søren Stiller Markussen is the owner of the establishment. He’s participated in and won coffee related competitions throughout the world. Over the years he has collected gold medals for best barista and a silver medal for best latte art. So when Søren Stiller talks about coffee you better listen. He’s dedicated to his craft, he knows the world of coffee. His love for the process from bean to roasted coffee is inspiring. Søren Stiller travels the world and builds long lasting relationships with some of the best coffee farmes throughout the world. The beans are then brought to the shop in Aarhus where they are roasted on site. This dedication, the professionalism, ensures that you will get the best possible cup of coffee - maybe even the best cup of coffee you ever had.

The coffee shops interior is something to note as well. A rustic yet cosy environment sets the scene. You can sit right by the baristas and enjoy their craftsmanship and all of the different machinery or you can take place in some of the more remote areas and just take delight in the surroundings and the atmosphere. We invite you to enjoy the pictures and videos in this article.

Kaufmann visited and we will surely visit again and again and again!

What kind of coffee would you recommend a first time customer to have and why?

I always recommend something of what they probably know already. That makes its easier to understand why the coffee tastes different with my roasting-style and brew-method. I purchase and develop my own coffee in cooperation with the producer so it will probably taste different from what they have tried before.

What items should we acquire to get started on some next level home brewing and why?

I think black coffee as a drip/filter method is very easy and transferrable to adapt at home. Not too expensive but still a sophisticated method to brew some fantastic coffee without any advanced equipment. The new ways/methods to brew with Chemex, Hario, Siphon, Kalitta, Stagg – they all give some really nice flavours and leaves excellent taste to the coffee instead of French press, which tend to over-brew/over-extract the coffee as the small particles flow to the top.

What’s your own favourite kind of coffee and why?

My favourite coffee is from El Salvador, Finca Santa Petrona and Costa Rica, Alejo Castro. They are both very smooth, clean and mild coffees without too much acidity. Leaving a nice velvety/silky bodied mouthfeel. I have 16 different coffees and varieties of “Arabica” from each of these farms and they are all quite unique. I purchase approximately 30-35 different coffees around the year trying to differentiate my selection – but with coffees I really like, know and understand to make the most and best of.

Facts about coffee

Get to know your coffee - take a look at these facts about the different types.

Espresso aka the ‘Short black’ is where it all starts. Every other coffee begins with an espresso. It consists of: 1 shot of espresso in an espresso cup.
Double espresso aka ‘Doppio’ (double in Italien) is just that: a double espresso in an espresso cup or a small glass.
Short macchiato is essentially an espresso with foamed milk on top. The foamed milk will make the espresso smoother and less harsh to the tongue.
Long macchiato is the same as a short macchiato but with a double espresso shot. You’ll get the strong taste from the espresso and the mild and smooth sensation from the steamed milk.
Ristretto is a bit more complicated. It’s essentially an espresso made with half the water. This makes it very dark and rich consequently showing the coffees true nature and flavour.
Long black aka ‘Americano’ is 2/3rds water and 1/3rd espresso - that is a watered down espresso that will seem less intens compared to an espresso. Fun fact: our favourite!
Café Latte aka ‘Latte’ for short is made from either an espresso or a double espresso in a tumbler glass filled with steamed milk. This is the sweetest and smoothes of the coffees.
Cappuccino is similar to a latte. The key difference being the amount of milk and therefore the amount of foam. Usually topped with some chocolate for a sweet and likeable taste.
Flat white is similar to the cappuccino but without the foam. The lack of foam leaves you with a very clean cup of coffee with lots of taste still remaining from the espresso.
Piccolo is nothing but a latte in an espresso cup. Made from either an espresso, a doppio or a ristretto. The small cup size leaves you with a rich tasting cup of coffee with the obvious benefits of the sweet milk.
Affogato is actually a dessert made from either an espresso or a double espresso with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy it on a warm summer night - just right!